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Not my usual cup of tea, but enjoyed Radell’s insights in the racial tension episode.

conversations to spur conversations

Appreciate this show’s take on current events. If you’re interested in challenging your POV, this is a good place to start.

Pragmatic and Unafraid

Radell digs in on the "topics that divide us," but with an understanding that the issues don't inherently divide. The division comes when the discussion stops. Radell refuses to let things sit idly. He's going to observe and try to understand both sides, then try to find some commonality - or at least some ways people can disagree, but leave the dialogue open and ongoing.

Understanding politics

This podcast does a great job of presenting several aspects of a complex issues related to politics. Historical references, what we’ve done in the past, and potential solutions are things you should expect in this podcast. It really helps to understand what we’ve done in the past, and how both sides are presenting their problems, and/or solutions to reach some form of consensus and producing a government that is more in line with what a government should provide. Worth a listen…unless you’d rather follow what your told blindly. If that’s the case, you’ll only listen to the episodes you think you’ll like and refuse to respect others’ opinions but expect others to respect yours thereby remaining part of the problem.

Refreshing Dialogue

In a world where people are getting canceled over the political affiliation, it’s refreshing to see a podcast like this!

A Thoughtful Debate

I can’t think of the last time I heard a discussion with all sides concerned, and while I’m listening to my first episode, I think a full exploration of the subjective topics will guarantee a great listener experience.

In-depth review and takes on politics

The host is well spoken and very knowledgeable of the current and past federal politics. If you agree with his view you will enjoy his in-depth views. If you don’t you and begin to understand the other side better.

I’m glad I found this

I was nervous about listening to this podcast, but I’m glad I found it. There is a legit attempt to be balanced, and that’s a brave thing to try to do these days. Very nice delivery…thoughtful…and dang you do a nice job! Keep it up…and thank you!

A different view point!

Interesting perspective on divisive issues. Good explanations for big topics. Radell is a great host and explainer!

Nice to have an open conversation

It was refreshing to find a fairly neutral and open political conversation. Actual conversation. Real discussusion. Thanks for that

Interesting Topic and Approach

I like what the host is creating on this podcast and adding some nuanced perspective into the conversation. Definitely one that I am adding to my list to see how it grows and what else Radell Lewis shares! Matt, host of The Life Shift Podcast


Informative, and an interesting take on her events and political perspectives. I appreciate that the information is broken down into digestible bites for people who want to be informed, but aren’t necessarily aware of all of the terms and their definitions.

A fun listen for anyone who likes politics!

The Purple Political Podcast is an interesting look at politics and humans in the modern day! I really enjoyed learning something new from every episode and the point of view of the host. A great listen for anyone who wants to discuss politics!

It's a fair take!

Too many podcasts are trying to pretend they are open, when they're really just an echo chamber that promotes stagnant thinking. This is the total opposite, and I'm very impressed with the approach, and it works!

No constitutional basis for a two party system

I ran for US House of Representatives as a candidate of thrid party: the Natural Law Party, in Georgia's fifth congressional district, in 1996. I received 1,008 votes, losing handily to the Republican candidate. There is no Constitutional basis for America’s current two-party system. In fact, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson specifically warned against political parties, which they feared would become entrenched as elitists and servers of special interests, unresponsive to the needs and desires of the people. Today we find ourselves in this very situation. Frustrated by political gridlock, many Americans feel that government has grown into a self-serving, self-perpetuating partisan body that neither reflects nor recognizes their desires. Recent polls indicate that 86% of Americans feel that their elected officials will never solve the nation’s problems, partly because political infighting has frozen the machinery of government. Consequently, the U.S. has the lowest voter turnout of any country in the world. Over 60% of Americans favor the formation of a new, major political party. Americans want change and are deeply frustrated with both Republican and Democratic candidates. Traditionally, third parties have introduced important new ideas, such as women’s suffrage and, as Radell said, the abolition of slavery, into our national political debate. As former Chief Justice Earl Warren commented: All political ideas cannot and should not be channeled into the programs of our two major parties. History has amply proved the virtue of political activity by minority, dissident groups, which innumerable times have been in the vanguard of democratic thought and whose programs were ultimately accepted. The absence of such voices would be a symptom of grave illness in our society. Yet the Republican and Democratic parties continue to exert an effective stranglehold on the political process, preventing crucial new ideas from emerging via third parties and their candidates. Current campaign laws unfairly discriminate against independent and third-party candidates. In 1996, Republicans and Democrats received $148 million taxpayer dollars to run their general election campaigns -- including $25 million to hold meaningless presidential nominating conventions -- while independent and new-party candidates typically receive nothing. In most cases, access to the ballot is automatic for Republicans and Democrats, but independent and third-party candidates face the most rigid, discriminative, and unwieldy procedures in the world. For example, until 1998, it was more difficult for a new party to get on the ballot in Florida than in all the countries of Europe combined. In Georgia it took us 90,000 signatures to get on the ballot. Friends, that was not an easy task! The present ballot-access barriers for third parties blatantly violate the 1990 international Helsinki accords that guarantee universal and equal suffrage to all adult citizens “without discrimination,” including equal access to the ballot and the media. Ironically, the United States is the world’s foremost proponent of these accords. The Solution The Natural Law Party is no longer in existence, but it supported election reform that returns American democracy to the high ideals envisioned by our nation’s founders -- a democracy that fairly represent the views of all its citizens and candidates. To achieve this, the Natural Law Party supported the following initiatives: Ensure ballot access fairness. Every political party and candidate should have the same requirements in every election for getting on the ballot. Incumbents should no longer have privileges over challengers with new ideas. Promote campaign fairness. It is the right of the American people to hear the views of every candidate on the ballot. All candidates who meet ballot access requirements should have the same access to their constituencies, including equal media access through a series of publicly sponsored televised forums, debates, and infomercials, as well as publicly sponsored mailings of voter education materials. To qualify for these privileges, candidates would be required to comply with voluntary spending limits. This structure would favor voter education over privately funded media advertising and would thereby help eliminate special interest influence on the election process. Encourage all Americans to vote. Election day should be made a mandatory national holiday, as in most other nations, so that everyone has time to vote. Voter registration should be facilitated by creating uniform laws that allow same-day registration or even automatic registration. Shorten the campaign season. The campaign season should be reduced to four months -- two months for parties to choose their candidates and two months for the general election. Abolish the Electoral College. Under the current system, a presidential candidate can receive a majority of the votes and still lose the election. The President should be elected by the people through direct popular vote. Allow national initiatives. The “public initiative” process, already enacted and in operation in 23 states, should be expanded to the national level. This process allows the collective will of our citizens to initiate legislative reform and thereby shape governmental policy more directly. Reconsider proportional representation. This political system has been effective in countries around the world and more fairly represents the true will of the people than our current “winner-take-all” process.

The Sanity I Need in a Political Show!

Thank you for bringing the voice of the moderate into a political podcast! There is plenty of shows and commentary out there that take one extreme or the other and it gets tiring, like being a child used as a bargaining chip in a divorce. Radell Lewis brings a middle-ground perspective where we can see the issue for what it is and also see the dangers of holding onto polarized points of contention fanatically.

Appreciate This Podcast

What a difficult way to approach politics. There are countless podcasts that provide an echo chamber for people of all political leanings; this is not one of those podcasts and that’s a GREAT thing! Excellent questions are asked and different viewpoints are presented.

Interesting take on the news

Enjoying this new news show. It’s great to hear the latest news and then commentary and opinions about what is happening. I don’t necessarily agree with everything but that is the joy of hearing other perspectives.

Our government officials need reform ASAP

I found this podcast very educational. I find it revolting how the state and our government reallocate funds from our taxes to fund projects the public is unaware of. While listening to the latest episode, I found out that in texas, families are charged nearly $10000 in taxes for education just for the state to reclaim that money and not use it for improving the education system. It’s a fraud. What happened to no taxation without representation?!? We need a political reform on values, and the government and state officials need to be re-educated on what the word integrity means !! Thank you for being a voice that shares multiple perspectives

More from the middle

There is a need for a platform to present voices from not just both extreme sides, but actually from the middle. I like this approach and enjoyed the guests deep understanding of their subject. Not every topic is for me, but there is clearly a lot of effort put into this podcast and presenting relevant opinions and information with a more middle ground approach.


It is well produced and interesting!

Fun host

Excellent host. I enjoyed speaking about dating and answering fun, informative questions.

Pod Is Solid

This a solid podcast and bruh be having some great points and topics. Keep doing your thang playa. Let’s get ittttt

Unique take on the news

I love news podcasts! This one is more commentary on the news. While I didn’t agree with everything I appreciate the look into other peoples opinions.