Dec. 5, 2022

#5 - Could a Three Party System Fix American Politics? Ft. Mike Oppenheim

#5 - Could a Three Party System Fix American Politics? Ft. Mike Oppenheim

In this episode for the podcast, I have an excellent conversation with Author Mike Oppenheim regarding the potential inefficiencies of the current two-party systems and the toxic nature of both democrats and republicans. The discussion involves the potential behind a three-party system and maybe even a Multi-Party System in the future. Be sure to check out his website at

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Mike Oppenheim has been interested in entertainment since he was a child, but became serious in 1999 when he began his career in music.

In 2006, he started his weekly essay series, The Casual Casuist, which is sometimes featured in newspapers across the USA, and is a top 25 in philosophy on Substack.

In 2011, he earned an MFA from Mills College in Fiction with his first novel, Dysfunction. He soon published Baby Doll: The Book, followed by Too True to be Good in 2017, and The Apology in 2021, and his fifth novel, Ardor, will hit bookshelves in 2022.

In 2020, Mike began an episodic TV show, Books Out Loud and a year later began his podcast, Coffin Talk, a weekly show that explores “The Meaning of Death.” Mike also hosts monthly interviews with experts on Casual Conversations.

Mike also indexes books, eats avocados, runs writing workshops, and loves his family.