Oct. 2, 2022

#27 - What does it take to be a Comedian in 2022? Ft. Stand Up Comedy Magician Danny Whitson

In this episode of the podcast, I interview Stand Up Comedy Magician Danny Whitson ( and we answer the important question of what it takes to be a Comedian in 2022. So many people are either too sensitive when it comes to comedy or just say dumb stuff to shock the crowd. There is a happy medium and we are here to discuss what it is.

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Danny Whitson

Stand up comedy magician

Danny Whitson is a professional Magician, Stand-up Comedian, and Actor from Oak Ridge, TN with a passion for magic, comedy, and meeting new faces with every show. For the past 20 years Danny has been entertaining people with cards, coins, ropes, and anything else he can make disappear or crack a joke about. He has performed for celebrities, super bowl champions, and Grammy award winning artists. He also performs regularly at Harrah's Casinos and for companies such as Bush's Baked Bean's, Waste Connections, and AllMeds. Danny has even starred with Kevin McDonald from the hit comedy sketch show Kids In The Hall. You can catch Danny this winter on Amazon Prime in the Comedy horror movie WJHC-AM. He has been featured on Itunes, Spotify, Mental Floss, the Chive, and Blank News Magazine as Knoxville's Magician. In 2015, Danny helped break and set a new record for the Guinness World Record for the longest comedy show.